About us

We are an ICT based company that specializes in software products development and related InfoTech solutions. We serve a wide range of business establishments and organizations offer them a blend of onsite or offsite services.

Our deep client relationship spanning over a decade involves start ups and Club 100 companies.

Joekers offers two categories of software solutions – bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions.

Bespoke Solutions

These are customized packages and are developed upon clients’ needs and requests. This we offer to client’s satisfaction because We understand that every client is unique and therefore may have varied needs. We therefore work together with our clients to provide a tailor-made solutions.

Joekers Solutions is not just sofware developers, we are solutions providers.

Off-the-shelf Solutions

These are already made software products that have been championed by Joekers. These products were however developed based on research and contribution by industry experts. Our solutions have therefore been crafted to meet industry standards, and they include the following:

  • School Master
  • Church Master
  • HR Master

With our firm believe in Ghana’s potential growth, Joekers Solutions lives to contribute an inspired and productive change in ICT development to enable our clients (individuals and corporate organizations) now and in future realize their prospects through our bringing ICT to the doorsteps of all to meet the challenges of globalization and manpower development.
Over 10 years, Joekers Solutions has helped its clients with Softwares applications that are designed to streamline processes and introduce efficiency.